A Diwali Bonus

My Diwali bonus this year has something to do with having something tiny (and perhaps largely inconsequential) published in the Guardian today. I think I’ve written far better on the issue of Diwali on this blog, but capturing something in 600 words is hard, and somehow, the most nostalgia-dripping bits fall through. 🙂

Also I made besan laddoos. So any extra weight I’ve added on in the last three days is also bonus. But not the kinds I particularly desire.

But in the meanwhile… Here’s the link (again).

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3 Responses to A Diwali Bonus

  1. Nishant says:

    Loved your post. Being far away from home myself, I know the feeling .


  2. km says:

    You’ve been published in one of the best newspapers. That’s *very* cool.


  3. Gradwolf says:

    Nicely done! Loved the article.


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