3 months with my Kindle

A few months ago I was grappling with the idea of an e-reader. Almost immediately after, I ended up ordering the Kindle.

Looking back, all that drama was so pointless. Once I got the Kindle, I couldn’t put it down. It’s beautiful, handles really well, is very light and is a pleasure to read. I did have quite a few issues with it for the first few weeks, and to my surprise, when I called up Amazon support, they replaced it.

I’ve been trying to understand what caused me to resist it so much in the first place. Is it that while music and film have changed formats, books have essentially remained the same through history. Sheets bound together, to be turned by hand. Is it that my memories of childhood, libraries, friendship (oh, the stories of ‘borrowed’ books), summer holidays overpowered the usual rational self.

But books are emotional objects for me. A lot of books have moments appended to them. Markers of foolishness or adolescence. Some that I cringe at, when I recall announcing loudly to peers that I’d read something that they wouldn’t understand. And the scores of books that fall broadly under chick-lit or some other such tag. Books that have filled hours and shelves.

What is a book then? That specific sequence of words? Or the physical printout?

Over the year-end break, as I lay in bed, unable to move for a few days thanks to a strong bout of flu, I bought one book after another. Some through serendipity and others through recommendations. I read more now. Not afraid to exhaust my reading options whilst sitting on a train. I still buy physical books, but 70% of new books are in digital format.

All I want are books, and to be able to fit in small alternate worlds in my bag when I leave in the mornings. I used to do that earlier too, I just do it a lot easier now. One of the reasons I don’t blog that much anymore is the Kindle. I’ve never read this much in my life.

I no longer see the point in writing.
(In a few months, I’ll come back to my senses.)

PS – Happy New Year and all that. It’s been a slightly manic year – and I hope your year is that curious mix of contentment and excitement. Some stillness to go with that jumpy ride, yes?

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13 Responses to 3 months with my Kindle

  1. Unmana says:

    Happy New Year! I love my Kindle too–I’ve had it for about four months now. In fact, some of my friends have also got them, seeing how happy I am with mine. I wish e-books were cheaper (for many books, the paper ones are cheaper!), but I love my Kindle all the same.


  2. Inkspill says:

    Start writing again already! Peepuls are the missing you!


  3. 30in2005 says:

    I am still resisting the Kindle. Something like misplaced loyalty to paper bound words? And I read so much as it is if I had a Kindle I would probably leave my family to grow mould over itself with my abandonment of them….

    Please to write Miss. It is only writing and writing and writing that leads to books whether paper or KindleKind.


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  5. @Unmana – So far the ebooks I’ve bought are more or less the same price (quite often cheaper too!) as the paper versions. I may have been quite lucky so far. The only horrendous bit is that I do tend to buy a bit indiscriminately. (Oh, Happy New Year!)

    @Inkspill – By people you mean you? 🙂 Will write, but more often than not – it’s the loss of inspiration rather than lack of time.

    @30in2005 – Resistance is futile! I do read a bit more than I did, and it does affect my inclination to indulge in other things. But given you have a lil one who would probably scream if you didn’t pay attention, I’d guess you’re in a safe place! And yes Miss, will write. This year I plan to devote more time to writing, though not necessarily blogging..


  6. Banno says:

    The Kindle sounds like a good way to begin the New Year. So here’s to more reading, more writing, and hopefully, a little blogging now and then, to let friends know what you’ve been up to. 🙂


  7. ashok says:

    happy new year neha…


  8. suresh says:

    I found your blog few weeks ago only.I enjoy reading your blogs.Please keep writing.

    Personally , to me reading a paper book gives more pleasure(don’t know why i am obsessed with it) than reading a digital book. I like the smell of the fresh book 🙂


  9. sk says:

    Do you know why Asal Tamil Penn stopped blogging?


  10. km says:

    So what temperature does a Kindle burn at?


  11. KG says:

    You see no point in writing?! Naheeen!
    Also, i must confess- i remember being very negative about the Kindle. I’m a fan of it myself, after resisting it for 2 months. raj and I fight over who can have it during the day. He somehow wins for he is the one who travels more ..:(. Some sort of warped logic that is..


  12. sajeev kumar says:

    a very happy new year to you. have fun with your new toy (kindle) and hope to see more nice posts from you.


  13. @Banno: Yes ma’am. Also, where else would I really rant?

    @ashok: Thanks and same to you. 🙂

    @suresh: Guess we all have our preferences. I am happy as long as I can read. The medium no longer matters…

    @sk: No idea. But will ask!

    @km: A higher temperature than paper unfortunately. 😀

    @KG: Cough! That’s right-on logic! I do travel quite a bit as well, and the kindle has taken the weight off my shoulders (very literally). Else a two day trip would usually see me packing three books. (One was likely to have have just 50 pages left, and there was a chance I didn’t like the next one – so one more for backup!)

    @sanjeev: Thanks. I hope to see myself writing a bit more too.


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