The Tale of Mixer Grinders

I am currently obsessed with kitchenware and gadgets that make the most of a rather tiny kitchen. Part of this madness has been the lust for the perfect food processor.

Let me start with a confession though – I have never known what to do with a ‘juicer’. I am not particularly found of juice, and while shopping around for a food processor, every one of those focused on making juice out of something or the other. Between discussions about wattage, blades, attachments and jars, I felt utterly lost. I tried a few – but in the end the kind of cooking I do (from grinding masalas, making chutneys to throwing in a piece of turmeric) needed a desi mixer-grinder. So this time when I was in India, I decided to buy one.

As an aside, for my mother, it is a Sumeet or nothing. But a Sumeet was nowhere to be found in the depths of Gurgaon.

Anyhow, while shopping for a food processor, one of the features that is sold to you is the ‘locking system’, which means unless the jar is perfectly aligned and closed, it won’t operate. In the UK it’s usually ‘Your hands are safer this way, because you may turn it on unintentionally – and we all know what blood does to ground coffee beans‘.

The sales pitch in India was along the lines of ‘Your maid can’t ruin this mixer grinder with her chopped off fingers and so it’s a good investment‘. The realities in both countries glare at you. (Also, the sales guy lost a little respect for me I think.)

In search for the right mixer-grinder, I went to Spencer’s, Croma, Big Bazaar and a few other places. All of them had pretty much the same products, but in the end it was the store that asked me questions about how I was going to use, how often I would operate it, if I wanted a juicer, if it was going to be used in India or elsewhere got my business. Not so much because I thought they were honest. Every store has its pet product it pushes – but any interest in how I will use this little beast, makes me feel like the sales rep is recommending after considering.

But the final word? My sister’s. She and her new extended family own one particular brand and make, all bought in the last few years. Done. Decided.

This time, more than ever, and perhaps because I was there on work – I really did spend a lot of time figuring out what stores make me happy, where I like to buy things, and what convinces me. Turns out, I am real easy. Talk to me, make me feel slightly important (even if I am only buying a piddly mixer-grinder) and pretend you’re offering me a discount. See – Easy.

PS – How many bloody jars does one really need in a food processor?

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8 Responses to The Tale of Mixer Grinders

  1. Ankur Gupta says:

    Sumeet was once synonymous for mixer in India indeed … have one @ home and it still works … I use Siemens Food Processor and it’s really efficient.


  2. Smruti says:

    This one is pretty good…Preethi Blue Leaf – Gold


  3. Inkspill says:

    So which brand did you get? My research a year or so ago showed that in the tiniest jar of the Morphy Richards Icon deluxe mixer, you can grind masala, veggies, stones, irritating co-workers and much more. The other jars are lying I dunno where….


  4. KG says:

    I bought one of those silly food processors/juicers after moving here. Should have brought along my Kenstar. Anyway, that was a useless buy, considering all the onion, dosa-idly grinding I do on a regular basis. I went to one of the better Indian super markets here and guess what I found there? Good old Summet :). And the latest one at at that :D. It grinds like a dream…erm, a very noisy dream :D.


  5. Meena says:

    I bought an Indian mixer grinder, Relin Megamix, here in USA, actually on line at, I am using it for the last 6 years, and I love it. It grinds in seconds, and has a very convenient stirrer on the grinder jar.


  6. Minal says:

    Thank God someone shares my problem:-)) I’ve 4 types of mixer/grinders in my house to cater to tastes of my mother and MIL who visit me once a year- one a year for 1-2 months! The mini one, the blender/juicer, the food processor with umpteen attachments I never use and the Sumeet! I’ve given up – the traditional Sumeet mixer had to be bought – no choice given:-))


  7. Banno says:

    Neha, I don’t get juicers, either. They just seem so fiddly, and anyway, I don’t like juicers. I finally found a mixer-grinder without a juicer, but it does have 4 jars, and we only ever use 2.


  8. M says:

    Longtime lurker – guess my inner-mami couldn’t resist the call of the mixie! 🙂

    I live in the US, and my ILs got me one of the earlier versions of the 110V Sumeet – which is no longer made…I LOVED that mixie – it ground everything I wanted it to 🙂 Sadly it died last year, and with no Sumeet to replace it with (apparently the brand is defunct?) I bought a Butterfly – which works just as well….Desi Mixers rock!


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