A random memory – HigginBotham’s at Madras Central

At Madras Central (or Chennai Central as you young ones call it) in the 1980s, I looked forward to buying books at HigginBotham’s. It was the beginning of the journey back home. The last 36 odd hours on a train before you had to go back to school.

But much as I loved books, I always bought my books at HigginBotham’s because I thought it had something to do with Ian Botham. People were still telling young impressionable children like me about the Ashes in 1981. In my head, any book bought at HigginBotham’s got me closer to Ian Botham.

(Actually, I love you HigginBotham’s. You saved me from a life of literary privation. And you made a small eight year old girl feel like she was shaking hands with Ian Botham.)

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5 Responses to A random memory – HigginBotham’s at Madras Central

  1. Prabha says:

    Higginbothams in Mount Road (or Anna Salai as the young ones call it) was the store that my grandmom went to as a kid, and then mom, and then me. I grew up thinking we owned it.

    Abel Joshua Higginbotham was meant to be in my family tree, like Sir Ian Terence Botham is meant to be in yours. 🙂


  2. MiM says:

    I love the bookstore too. even though they directed me to the loo, when i asked them where i could find “autobiography of a yogi”.


  3. Rai Muhammad Azlan says:

    short simple and interesting.
    yes the memories of early age die hard and the whole life i keep comparing things according to our memories.


  4. Anita says:

    The Higginbothams in Central is a bit of a treasure trove. If you poke around long enough, there is bound to be some book which you pick up because you are not sure if you will come across it again unless you really went out and looked online or something. My copy of Stephen King’s book on writing is from there and rests safely in my book shelf, after a journey from the Central station to some place.


  5. ashok says:

    🙂 I have a similar sentimental connection with the Higginbothams at Madurai…


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