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Parrot for Lali

In the three years since, other birds have hatched. But it’s in parrots, beaks like red chillies, that I suddenly see, you take another flight. Dear Lali, 3 years to the day. Really miss you, with my mind wandering to … Continue reading

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Mausi, Bua etc.

One of the loveliest things about being my age (nearly 30) is how a number of close friends start having babies. And suddenly, just like that, your email inbox is full of pictures. Of babies that can call you Aunty … Continue reading

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Stitch in time

How utterly lovely are these old Singer machines? Gold lettering on a heavy body. I have such fond memories of being asked ‘to help’ my mother by turning the hand wheel. After a while, my hand would tire, and I … Continue reading

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