Stitch in time

How utterly lovely are these old Singer machines? Gold lettering on a heavy body. I have such fond memories of being asked ‘to help’ my mother by turning the hand wheel. After a while, my hand would tire, and I would use the other hand. Then my sister would step in. From lining curtains to hemming, the Singer would step out on Sundays. A little box full of spindles and bobbins, and stray hooks and buttons.

It’s funny how when I was growing up, I assumed a lot of brands were Indian. Like Bata, Colgate or even Horlicks. I never for a moment though Singer was a common feature in households outside India. And now, as they become one of the ‘retro-look’ staples, I feel ancient – really, something I grew up with is retro now?

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3 Responses to Stitch in time

  1. girish says:

    A lovely memory. Brings back similar ones of Bombay in the early 80s and my mum 🙂


  2. Dibyo says:

    Yes, we’re Old/Retro/Vintage now.


  3. dipali says:

    My mother, way back in the late fifties, had her mother-in-law’s Pfaff machine motorized, with an electric pedal . That gave me a steering wheel and an accelerator!
    I must have driven miles and miles with that old machine!


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