Parrot for Lali

In the three years since,
other birds have hatched.

But it’s in parrots,
beaks like red chillies,
that I suddenly see,
you take another flight.

Dear Lali,

3 years to the day. Really miss you, with my mind wandering to you everytime I make rasam, see a crossword, write a poem or listen to Rafi. Or see a parrot.

Chinna Ponnu (older by 3 years, but still…)

PS: Silly me. Forgot to send you a song. Here, you quite liked this one. Even translated the Telugu version for me.

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One Response to Parrot for Lali

  1. dipali says:

    Lali is unforgettable. Missing her is a constant. And I do go past her place every couple of weeks:(


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