On bees

It’s in a country without summer,
That I perhaps learn to be gentle.

With things like insects and bees.
It’s not with annoyance or fear,
that I wave you away.

Little winged one. I do it to send.
You, away in the direction of the
your very last flower.

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12 Responses to On bees

  1. Banno says:


    That is beautiful, specially the opening and the last line.


  2. buddy says:

    nice thought!


  3. @menaka – Thanks! You’d know the feeling I think.. somehow!
    @Banno – Thank you, it’s weird how I can’t seem to write poems or anything else without some sort of visual stimulus to start with…
    @buddy 🙂


  4. Badri says:

    Beautifully captured.

    Wish we humans show similar empathy to fellow humans!


  5. Anita says:

    Neat. It does take some skill to write something light and yet meaningful.


  6. ashok says:

    short & sweet…


  7. km says:

    Very, very Zen-ish. Loved it.


  8. maya says:

    Loved, loved this!

    I just saw this: http://www.queenofthesun.com/ so there’s been a buzzing in my brain lately.


  9. Vinod Joseph says:

    Very nice. But do you need a ‘the’ at the end of your penultimate sentence? Also, why make it ‘last flower’? Why not make it the bee’s ‘very best flower’? I know, it’s your poem and not mine………………


  10. I have been checking out your blog from time to time since about a year and a half…didn’t know you wrote such beautiful poetry.


  11. nice, baby. Very, very nice.


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