I ate a paan in Benaras

It’s taken me a few months to digest everything that I saw and took in Varanasi. It’s an absurd metropolis of memory, silt, silk and myth. It made me wish I had been there sooner, and I had gone with more time. There was just so much to take in, to listen to. We walked by the ghats for a long time, while I spotted names and sights only recognisable in other people’s memories and books.

Women watching ganga aarti/ Varanasi

I can’t quite capture what Benaras was like. For a change, I was short of words and description.

On a small boat, on the Ganga,
were three women from the delta.
Each with a prayer, and a womb,
Full, empty, happy.

Their bangles descend to silt.
And their million bra-hooks.
Undone swiftly by the current,
Boobs hanging resplendent.
Praying for miscellaneous,
and the rather, odd,
thankless male descendant.

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7 Responses to I ate a paan in Benaras

  1. DrDoubt says:

    “It made me wish I had been there sooner, and I had gone with more time.”

    Time – it’s that one thing that defines life, and limits it as well.


  2. dipali says:

    Sounds absolutely awesome, this city that I’ve not yet seen……..


  3. Banaras ghats are indeed mystic. Awesome words to depict.


  4. Reema says:

    Hmm sounds interesting though religious places are last on my to visit list


  5. ashok says:

    I love the style of poems u write…very unique and powerful in limited words…


  6. Ravi says:

    Banaras City of god. also want to feel this experience. awesome poem, keep posting.


  7. Ninad says:

    Just the Naad of the river takes you somewhere deep inside yourself..superb place..


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