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The seaside

Could you love the sea if you weren’t introduced to it at a very young age? For instance, do you have to introduce dogs at a young age, when they are still wobbly kneed puppies to salt water? Is it … Continue reading

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United Coffee House

Sometimes you land up at a place that used to hold a lot of awe for you. Like United Coffee House. I couldn’t really afford their prices as a student, but would try and get there anyway. And so it … Continue reading

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In Istanbul

This city must be a cartographer’s delight. Istanbul is unlike any other city I’ve been to. Though it appears to have snatched tiny bits of other cities’ souls. In Istanbul, I’ve become the tourist that I usually love to make … Continue reading

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Rasik Balma, Delhi and etc.

Utterly fantastic song. Almost buttery. Slippery. It’s winter, and it figures that I miss the JatLand. Delhi is on my mind. It’s probably cold there. Somehow, this song gets into a certain winter evening mode. Yes, I am going to … Continue reading

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In Delhi

Blasts in Delhi. We’re okay. Shaken though. CP is where my sis and I have been nearly everyday for the last week and a half. Not that it means anything. Just shocked really.

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Delhi: Kind and Rude

It strikes you sometimes, the random kindness of strangers. These random acts, by themselves insignificant except for a certain moment. Like when you are climbing the steps of a narrow tower, and you find yourself face to face with someone … Continue reading

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Delhi, Streets and Power

The well rubbed phrase about Bombay being about money, and Delhi being about power is somewhat incomplete. Delhi is about both money and power. In copious amounts. My sister and I were at the Jama Masjid (and other parts of … Continue reading

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