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Cricket, poems and wickets

I’d stopped following cricket during the madness that followed the match fixing scandal. But somewhere over the last few years – I’ve been drawn back to the game. I can’t help but root for England in the Ashes. As such … Continue reading

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Pink Chaddi

Spread the word. Send your chaddis to the moral police. Meanwhile, let’s create an anti-morality police. Anyone suspected of not behaving in a lewd enough manner will be gently educated on the wonders of hanging out and having fun. You … Continue reading

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Essay on “Not Rape”

*trigger – Warning – if you’re not in the right frame of mind to read about sexual assault, don’t read further* Moving essay. But more than moving, it is shockingly articulate. The idea of a “Not Rape” … What we … Continue reading

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On homesickness, food and cooking

Needless to say I am somewhat homesick today. (For this moment, home = home with parents). I woke up and realized five minutes later that it was Vijayadashmi. I am not a spiritual person, but at times, I turn religious. … Continue reading

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Not cute enough to sing

Olympics: Child singer revealed as fake. What’s really sad about this story is that at even age 7, the pressure to look perfect is immense. Crooked teeth? Chubby face? No. We’d like to believe that even before the kids turn … Continue reading

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An Inappropriate and Offensive Swastika

Further to yesterday’s madness, Google now appears to apologize for the “Swastika Situation“. Here’s Google’s response We have an automated system to identify and remove inappropriate or offensive material in Hot Trends. In rare cases, when such material is missed, … Continue reading

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This post made me laugh for a full five minutes. Go read. Pay special attention to the visual aids.

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