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Nankhatai for a Sunday evening

Something made me yearn for the lovely, crumbly nankhatai biscuits today. It goes perfectly well with tea, is absurdly simple to make, and works better with ghee rather than butter. Ridiculously easy to make and deeply satisfying. Nom nom! Advertisements

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Cooking, Maama and Maami

I have a mixed relationship with cooking. On some days, I feel like embarking on something adventurous, and on other days, I can’t be bothered with it and I’d rather eat raw carrots. I think some of my cooking sensibility … Continue reading

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United Coffee House

Sometimes you land up at a place that used to hold a lot of awe for you. Like United Coffee House. I couldn’t really afford their prices as a student, but would try and get there anyway. And so it … Continue reading

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Love for Paneer

For some reason, Tamil folks don’t really like Paneer that much. Me, I love my paneer. In my quest for decent paneer in the UK, I’ve tried a million different things. But everytime it’s the same story. What passes for … Continue reading

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Food and a Business Plan

I keep telling anyone who listens that at heart all I really want to do is open a Dosai/Pongal/Vadai stand somewhere near St Paul’s or Liverpool Street Station. Dosai is so flexible that you can offer filling options and what … Continue reading

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Rava and Suji Queries

Some people love rava (or suji). I like rava, but won’t exactly die for it. Some others may kill for rava. Now, the other day while a friend was attacking a rava dish, and insisting that it was the perfectly … Continue reading

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Yay! Yay! Yay!

Haldiram to open outlet in London! It is setting up a manufacturing plant and offices, followed by a series of shops across Britain. The company aims to grow quickly, with 45 jobs being created after one year rising to 100 … Continue reading

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