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Media and women

While I appreciate the sentiments in this post, I am troubled by the perceived black and whites. She writes for instance – A very recent example would be an Indian website called Savita Bhabhi where a middle aged Indian housewife … Continue reading

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WTF: Names, permissions and husbands

Reading news can probably replace a weight management program. This for instance is enough to make me want to vomit. Girls who become part of a new family after marriage must assume their new surname and all the responsibilities that … Continue reading

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Wtf: Victims paying for their Rape Kits!?!

I have to confess that I am following the presidential race in the US rather obsessively at times. It’s not that I actually care perhaps. United States of America is an ocean and a world away from me, but mostly, … Continue reading

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On passports and partiarchy

I am struck by the wisdom behind this wonderful patriarchal move. In a bid to curb cases of women getting duped or harassed in marriages to NRIs, the government is considering a proposal to make it mandatory for the husband’s … Continue reading

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Women, what’s your LMP?

Forget George Orwell. This one may have been an elaborate April Fools joke. But maybe the Government of India is the fool. Women civil servants in India have expressed shock at new appraisal rules which require them to reveal details … Continue reading

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Women, veils, religion and the bravest 13 year old in the world

Vidya sent me a link to a fabulous video at YouTube. It’s a part of a documentary called “A stranger in her city” by Khadija Al-Salami. al-Salami’s documentary follows a fabulous, spunky 13 year old girl – Najmia in Yemen. … Continue reading

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For the growth-loving sappy Indian in you

Just found this on YouTube. The blurb says This film is a journey through emerging India,” the fastest growing free market democracy in the world”. It celebrates the relentless spirit of the people of India, who through their karma give … Continue reading

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