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All this joy about 49-O and Elections

Elections are expensive. If you have friends, you would by now have received some ten thousand forwards on this elusive little section in the People’s Representation Act – a fabled 49-O. Here’s what it says. 49-O. Elector deciding not to … Continue reading

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Journalist “picked up” in Bangladesh

Meanwhile, in Bangladesh, the military backed interim government isn’t exactly fond of judicial processes or the free press. Bangladeshi journalist and blogger Tasneem Khalil was arrested yesterday. Since the state of emergency curtails rights of the citizens, it doesn’t look … Continue reading

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On passports and partiarchy

I am struck by the wisdom behind this wonderful patriarchal move. In a bid to curb cases of women getting duped or harassed in marriages to NRIs, the government is considering a proposal to make it mandatory for the husband’s … Continue reading

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Don’t you dare touch my Dosa!

I cannot digest this. If Indian Railways has its way then soon idlis and dosas will be on their way out from the railway cuisine. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC ) is planning to introduce a … Continue reading

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Women, what’s your LMP?

Forget George Orwell. This one may have been an elaborate April Fools joke. But maybe the Government of India is the fool. Women civil servants in India have expressed shock at new appraisal rules which require them to reveal details … Continue reading

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In which the Indian Cops trace your IP

In some supremely air-conditioned room, cops will sit on their computers, logging into Orkut. They will then meticulously wade through all the offers of “fraandship”, “oye, sexy pic you got” and what not to track down the very bored people … Continue reading

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Gandhi, a pole dance and the GOI

That any government will eventually descend into foolishness is obvious. That they will find any slight offensive is also obvious. So when the government gets really heated up about some random YouTube video showing someone dressed as Mahatma Gandhi doing … Continue reading

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