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A Raatafarian

So two young girls on the train back to London chat with everyone. And somewhere this gentleman comes along and sits. The girl insists that his hair isn’t really like that and commands him to take his hat off. He … Continue reading

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Snow! And so much of it! Needless to say the tubes are off, the buses are not working. And I am working at home drinking endless cups of chai. London is a cake. And I can eat it!

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A little graffiti

The mind and heart has been rather full and heavy of late. So I did what heals best. Set off for a walk with rr and the camera. We went along what is known as the Parkland Walk. What once … Continue reading

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Joan Baez at the Royal Albert Hall

I saw Joan Baez perform live last night at the Royal Albert Hall! I did, I did!!! Thanks (a million thanks actually) to Shefaly who suddenly told me on Wednesday that she had an extra ticket for the concert on … Continue reading

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Excuse me, do you speak English?

“Excuse me, do you speak English? “, a random South Asian stranger asked me. I couldn’t tell if he was Indian or Pakistani, but he definitely was a Muslim. Now, whenever I hear those words, my metal GPS springs into … Continue reading

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A Summer Day

The summer in this city is so fleeting that you don’t even invest in a summer wardrobe. Much as I whined my way through summers in Delhi and other cities, drowning in my own sweat and giddy-headed with dehydration, I … Continue reading

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What is she reading?

Spotted on the Bakerloo Line today. A woman reading. With intense concentration. I have no idea what she was reading. On the comments on flickr, a couple of people are guessing it’s a dictionary, but given that she was reading … Continue reading

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Yay! Yay! Yay!

Haldiram to open outlet in London! It is setting up a manufacturing plant and offices, followed by a series of shops across Britain. The company aims to grow quickly, with 45 jobs being created after one year rising to 100 … Continue reading

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Summer, stripes and Joplin

After half a year of heavy jackets and coats, the whole idea of being able to walk out of your house in a linen shirt is a little weird. It’s wonderful, but at the same time, every time I get … Continue reading

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Notes from a Cemetery

The story is incredible. Scattered all over London are cemeteries known as the Magnificent Seven. The most famous one is the Highgate Cemetery. More than anything else, it offers a strange and creepy peek into the lives (no, the deaths) … Continue reading

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Look! It’s one of The Beatles!

One of the dubious distinctions of studying where I study is that it is right next to the Royal Courts of Justice. Which usually means that that on days of “high-profile” cases being heard at the court, paparazzi fills the … Continue reading

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On parakeets in London

Who would have thought you’d find the startling green of parakeets in London? I thought I saw some near Hyde Park but blamed it on the July sun. Or homesickness. But wandering through the Kyoto Gardens at Holland Park with … Continue reading

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