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Indian Winter, Slums, Slums and More Slums

Hope 2010 is going well for you so far. Angry young woman that I am, the mention of Slumdog Millionaire gets my goat on most days. I think it’s a decent, engaging film, and have sat through it more than … Continue reading

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Copy, Paste and Plagiarism

More than a year back, I’d done a post on High Heel Confidential. Unlike a lot of blogs (including this one), they’ve managed to remain wonderfully enthusiastic and original. So there’s some odd-ball TV channel called Zing TV. And they’ve … Continue reading

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Media and women

While I appreciate the sentiments in this post, I am troubled by the perceived black and whites. She writes for instance – A very recent example would be an Indian website called Savita Bhabhi where a middle aged Indian housewife … Continue reading

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On Slumdog Millionaire, and white men

In what should be nominated as one of the most comic articles in the Guardian, the rather childish and overenthusiastic Nirpal Dhaliwal writes with extreme confidence …Indians will be upset about a westerner having a better understanding of their country … Continue reading

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Media and Mumbai

Honestly, I didn’t really care that Ram Gopal Verma was where he was. With bullets flying around in the financial capital of a country, having some has-been film director accompany the Chief Minister probably shouldn’t be most worrying aspect of … Continue reading

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Ask Barkha Dutt to shut up someone. Seriously. I’d rather have a newbie reporter doing things badly, than have BD attempting to create panic, because it suits her style of reporting. It’s like she wants you to not get out, … Continue reading

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Death of a 14 Year Old

A kid in Noida is killed, and the media is having a field day. It looks like Aarushi (the child) was murdered by her own father. NDTV is going an on an overkill approach – a panel discussion, a peep … Continue reading

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The Cake Car

I am simply in love with the advert for Skoda Fabia. Every time it airs on the television, I sit and giggle with great joy at the sight of copious amounts of cake. If I had to buy a car … Continue reading

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Journalist “picked up” in Bangladesh

Meanwhile, in Bangladesh, the military backed interim government isn’t exactly fond of judicial processes or the free press. Bangladeshi journalist and blogger Tasneem Khalil was arrested yesterday. Since the state of emergency curtails rights of the citizens, it doesn’t look … Continue reading

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Shipwrecked, the girl who thinks and more racsim

For some people, it’s not enough that they place their foot in the mouth. They must also grab any passing feet and insert those in the gaping mouth as well. Britain and Channel4, still recovering from “Is she stupid, or … Continue reading

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With Five White Women in the underground

Thanks to some arbitrary tree falling somewhere on some track, the underground in London was even more eccentric than usual. Packed like cattle in the Northern Line, I began reading my boring book. There are anywhere between three and six … Continue reading

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More on Big Brother. Yawn.

The next elections in the UK are likely to be based on Big Brother. Which is probably better than most of the other electoral issues anyway. Gordon Brown has become involved in the row over alleged racism on Celebrity Big … Continue reading

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