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Children, media and parents

Two seemingly unrelated posts. One on how the notions of ‘dark skin is indicative of inherent evil tendencies‘ seems to permeate an animated series for children, and the other on young kids dressed up by their parents – in clothes … Continue reading

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Cabbages, Frocks and Olives at Primrose Hill

Thank you Lucy Hooberman of Mentoring Worldwide and the BBC, for a wonderful lunch last week at Lemonia at Primrose Hill. They had wonderful vegetarian options for the veggie hungry desi. Even on that exceptionally hot day, I pigged over … Continue reading

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People at We Media and fringe conversations

Last year at the Global Voices conference, Rebecca raised a peculiar toast – “This whole Global Voices thing is just a grand conspiracy to ensure that we always have someone to have dinner with in every city of the world”. … Continue reading

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In which Rachel buys me lunch

Truth is that most of my friends are the ones who transcend the virtual world of blogs and become frequent features in routine and conversation. Rachel was found recently when she joined Global Voices as the Managing Editor. I finally … Continue reading

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To Dover went three pigs

So yesterday, three London based headless chickens went to Dover. Among other things, locals reported that half the grass in the Dover castle lost their lives under their combined weight. Dover in the first few hours was a bit of … Continue reading

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Hao Wu still held by state and Press Freedom in India

An update on Hao Wu. An online petition has been started. From Global Voices Rebecca launched the letter writing campaign earlier today, and we’re encouraging readers to write to their national governments, to the Chinese ambassadors in their nation, to … Continue reading

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Mirror on cab roof

Every cab in Bombay has a personality. The cabs are more unique than individuals. (Sorry Kundera). Sometimes late at night, you call for a cab and what looks like a strobe light hangs from the roof. My personal favourites were … Continue reading

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