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Podcast: Bearhug by Michael Ondaatje

I spent some time today reading Michael Ondaatje. Ondaatje is probably better known for his book, The English Patient. But far better than his prose, is his poetry. Filled with the minutiae of relationships and gestures. I felt like reading … Continue reading

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Goodbye DR

DR flies back to India today. Uncharacteristically, I find myself wishing she was in this country for a while longer. When we got to London in July 2005, the first few months away from familiarity were unusually hard. But in … Continue reading

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Poetry Podcast: Ardh Satya

Reading out poetry is a bit addictive. In fact, it feels like a discovery of sorts. Like when you go back to a city after a few years, and refresh your memory by printing how the streets turn or how … Continue reading

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Poetry Podcast: Failing and Flying

I am horrendously busy. To the point where every minute, I should have added about 50 more priceless words of wisdom to the project I am working on. Of course, at this point, I feel compelled to blog. You see, … Continue reading

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Poetry Podcast: The Dark Apartment

I miss reading out poetry. When I was still in college, it was something I did off and on and got away with. You discover more of a poem when you read it out aloud. You end up replacing terms … Continue reading

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Some very delicious podcasts put together!

For a while now at Global Voices we’ve been contemplating if much like our weblog posts for photographs and text posts, more could be done to push podcasts from various parts of the world. Georgia Popplewell did just that – … Continue reading

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My very first Videolog – all the way from Oxford Street

With this, we put forward our very first videoblog (vlog) post. Walking today on Oxford Street, the music made by these very enthusiastic musicians had me very excited. Quick photographs were taken. I am too much of an amateur to … Continue reading

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