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Small brain and big names

Viswanathan is not entirely easy to pronounce, but your inability to say it right, has more to do with your unwillingness to learn. If Viswanathan was the name of a wine (Schwarzriesling), a region (Languedoc-Roussillon) or anything that belonged to … Continue reading

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On Going to India

Am somewhat in demand around this time of the year. It’s when people begin planning their holidays, and some of those looking to book their tickets way in advance want to head to India. Lovely, am always happy to talk … Continue reading

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Children, media and parents

Two seemingly unrelated posts. One on how the notions of ‘dark skin is indicative of inherent evil tendencies‘ seems to permeate an animated series for children, and the other on young kids dressed up by their parents – in clothes … Continue reading

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A stiff back

I must be getting older. An otherwise supple and flexible back finds itself stiff and renders me immobile. It all started Monday morning. I like sleeping with the windows open. What I didn’t account was for the beam of sunlight … Continue reading

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Writing, ennui and a general half hearted rant

It’s not ennui. Maybe the lack of time. But I know I’ve been neglecting this space. It’s not like I don’t want to write, but there are these dry spells, where nothing really inspires, and the wells of the heart … Continue reading

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Minor Annoyances – On Bargains and Cheap Thrills

I possibly am guilty of what I am going to moan about. You know how when you compliment someone on their shoes/ shirt/ earrings/ table lamp, and the other person jumps and tells you, “Oooh – I got it for … Continue reading

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Bhoole Bisre Geet

Almost time to leave the workplace. Thankfully, am really liking the work, or the slightly longish hours would have me going nuts. But at that moment that I leave the workplace, and wait at the bus stop, I sometimes switch … Continue reading

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