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All this joy about 49-O and Elections

Elections are expensive. If you have friends, you would by now have received some ten thousand forwards on this elusive little section in the People’s Representation Act – a fabled 49-O. Here’s what it says. 49-O. Elector deciding not to … Continue reading

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Voter’s Dilemma

Wikipedia describes Dilemma as: A dilemma is a problem offering at least two solutions or possibilities, of which none are practically acceptable; one in this position has been traditionally described as being impaled on the horns of a dilemma, neither … Continue reading

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Media and Mumbai

Honestly, I didn’t really care that Ram Gopal Verma was where he was. With bullets flying around in the financial capital of a country, having some has-been film director accompany the Chief Minister probably shouldn’t be most worrying aspect of … Continue reading

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Minor Annoyances: All of you All

Why do people from a certain city that I otherwise love make me cringe everytime they say “All of you all are fabulous ” or “You all are fabulous“, when they are talking to a sum total of two people? … Continue reading

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The street, the city and the banker

No doubt everyone’s heard of banks crumbling. Here’s what’s annoying me. In fact Lekhni and MumbaiGirl do a fantastic job of articulating it. A few weeks back, a recent acquaintance remarked that she felt absolutely no sympathy for those who … Continue reading

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On Ghazals

The fascinating thing about a ghazal is that it lives a thousand lives. Each time it is sung, it assumes a different form. It draws from the languor of the audience, or from the acoustics of the venue. The same … Continue reading

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Not cute enough to sing

Olympics: Child singer revealed as fake. What’s really sad about this story is that at even age 7, the pressure to look perfect is immense. Crooked teeth? Chubby face? No. We’d like to believe that even before the kids turn … Continue reading

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Mood music for a Saturday night

A little mood music for Saturday night. Along with an absurd realization that I haven’t heard anything earth-shatteringly new in the last few years. At a certain age, you discover new bands by the week. Like how in one summer, … Continue reading

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A rant on Writing

A few days back, Ideasmithy asked a few people about their thoughts on writing. I didn’t respond for a while, not because I didn’t have the time to, but it suddenly brought back a whole new word back into my … Continue reading

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On Bibliographies

Dear Random People, I realize that you worked on your paper day and night. And that it’s hard to think straight in the last minute when you finally compile your bibliography and reference list. However, it’s annoying to see when … Continue reading

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Fiction Fragment: On Boredom

He tells her he is genuinely bored. That this is not the angst of early 20s, or the intellectual smugness of being 26. It has now descended into absolute boredom. One is forced to wonder if boredom strikes when the … Continue reading

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An Uncomfortable Dialogue

Voice in Head: You are not anonymous. Worse still, the person you want to whine and bitch about reads your blog. How do you then rant about a certain person’s behaviour? She’s after all a friend. You disliking her intensely … Continue reading

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