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Indian Winter, Slums, Slums and More Slums

Hope 2010 is going well for you so far. Angry young woman that I am, the mention of Slumdog Millionaire gets my goat on most days. I think it’s a decent, engaging film, and have sat through it more than … Continue reading

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The BNP and the Pizza Prophet

Warning – Random political rant Walking through Hyde Park during the pseudo-spring this country witnesses – I came across a strange prophet. It was a funny experience, as always the Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park has its share of loons … Continue reading

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A sour afternoon

Sometimes you almost forget that people can be racist. So like an idiot I smile at everyone deeply unaware of just how much hate can simmer inside someone. Mind you, I can deal with doubts about my intelligence just fine. … Continue reading

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Sunrise in Birmingham

It sort of snowed today morning. I believe. I woke up too late to see it. Either that, or I didn’t open up the curtains early enough. However, I woke up in the most delightful of ways on Saturday morning. … Continue reading

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While in Liverpool

In Liverpool, the city centre is so swanky, you don’t think this is the docks filled port town that you’ve read about. But on the outskirts the decay begins to show. I couldn’t spend too much time there or do … Continue reading

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Men kissing Men and other Offensive Things

It’s funny the kind of things that can offend people. Take for this instance this marvelous advert for Heinz Deli Mayo. I found myself giggling with joy. It’s so rare to see an advert that shows a man doing anything … Continue reading

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Sometimes you read stuff that should be screenshot-ted and preserved for posterity. This is the case of the really boring and bordering on self-pity blog called Sir John Bull. Now you would expect someone who is a member of the … Continue reading

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Fair, lovely, handsome and blah!

Shah Rukh Khan is everywhere. Yesterday, after being assaulted with images of him sending out flying kisses to the audience during the cricket match, I gasped and grunted as today’s BBC Breakfast show did a little piece on an advert … Continue reading

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On Reality Television

In the UK, almost anything is fodder for reality television. Sample this – 1. People in their twenties and thirties who cannot handle money and are heavily in debt, usually about 30,000 Pounds. Special “Personal Finance Gods” are flown in, … Continue reading

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The Zimmers sing My Generation

Ridiculously amazing this. Remember The Who’s “My Generation”? Imagine that, sung by a bunch of geriatric rockers. The Zimmers sing, and how! This video really made my day. From the BBC. The Zimmers – whose lead singer is 90-year-old Alf … Continue reading

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Snow in London, Frozen Hands etc.

Last week, a minuscule 2 cms of snow, caused London to halt. With about 10 cms of snow today, the city is turning white, grey and very still. People appear to disappear inside their woolies. My umbrella has a nasty … Continue reading

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Yes Minister

If there’s one thing I am grateful to the BBC for, it is the fabulous Yes Minister series. It redefined the word satire. Governance was suddenly refused to closed room volleyball of words and more words. The irony of course … Continue reading

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