Header Art

I like taking random pictures, and on certain days when I have a lot of work and am dying under the pressure of work, I feel even more compelled to play around with the header pictures on this blog. I’ve taken these photographs with my very own index finger, unless mentioned otherwise.

prague/ near old town square
Taken in Prague, near the Old Town Square. June 2006.

Sit still you bloody furry creature
Taken in Madras, at the Vandalur Zoo. September 2006.

Patterns on Pavement and Skirt
Taken in London, outside Liverpool Street Station, while waiting for someone to emerge from UBS. September 2006. (Thanks AA and CC for guidance on image use!)

khirkee masjid/ sparrow
At Khirkee Masjid in Delhi, March 2006.

Humayun's Tomb Complex
In the Humayun’s Tomb Complex, Delhi. December 2006.

Sleeping with the Monkey
With the monkeys at Vandalur Zoo in Madras. September 2006.

Me, train. 1985
On the Grand Trunk Express, probably six years old. Photograph taken by dad.

At the Qutab Minar, probably 1985. The legend goes that if you can clasp your hands around the Iron Pillar – your wishes come true. My hands couldn’t go around the Iron Pillar, and my grandfather is standing to the other side of the pillar, to ensure that I can circle it. Photograph taken by Dad.