Thanks Madhu Menon!

A bad case of spam injection, and me unleashed on the ftp meant that pretty much everything in the blog was lost for a little bit. I struggled, read up things, and couldn’t figure out the head or tail of anything. There’s nearly 7 years of posts, memories and stories on this blog. Much as I don’t bother updating it too often (even if I do keep telling myself that I should), the thought of losing everything here petrified me.

I am not a geek. I love technology, but that doesn’t mean that I understand how these things work. Sure, I can tweak a stylesheet, and know a tiny thing here and there. But Wordpr3ss has evolved way beyond my abilities. Looking around for solutions doesn’t really result in anything.

Madhu Menon came to the rescue having heard me whining about it on twitter. And the blog is back! So here’s a big thank-you to someone who really went out of the way, and from my point of view, is a genius. You’ve made this little bloggy very very happy.

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3 Responses to Thanks Madhu Menon!

  1. Well, glad its back. It was fun reading your blog. Heck, wait a minute. There’s a tense issue – it IS fun reading your blog.


  2. dipali says:

    And how about posting more and not neglecting bloggy?


  3. SR says:

    Great !


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