Three words: Apple, electricity, redemption

When I was a girl, of merely eleven years, my freedom came from power cuts at night. At precisely 11:20 every night, power went off, plunging our tiny street into darkness. There she was, the apple of someone else’s eyes. Stood before our door, begging my mother, ‘Can your little one coem out for a walk?’

And we’d walk. Till well past one at night. In the darkness, no one knew that I’d been asked to stay behind, and witness the love affair of an older girl. Delhi fluttered, like fireflies. In candles and dying electricity generators. They’d take off, on an absurdly loud bike. It’s breath filling our lungs with fumes and the promises of young adulthood.

There was no redemption in being the cover for someone’s love life. You stood, and sat by the corner on streets. Waiting for electricity, and light. Just in time, they’d ride in. Full of love, and covered with sweat. Their bikes heaving through the night. The lights would come on, all at once. And young girls, like me, or like you, would crawl back home. For a night of sleep, and someone else’s wet dreams.

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12 Responses to Three words: Apple, electricity, redemption

  1. aman says:

    awesome..thanks for sharing..


  2. Beautifully written! Loved the short-short fiction.


  3. f says:

    How fantastic! Loved this piece!


  4. hariprasad says:

    i felt really happy by reading this post…..u did a great job.


  5. i love your way of writing


  6. Short and sweet… I wounder why many good things come in small doses


  7. Ratnesh says:

    a haiku on your amazing picture of some 100 words:

    She stands
    smitten by love
    of others


  8. sanjeev jha says:

    Ha Ha Ha . Amazing. It helped me remember the frequent power cuts that i faced in my town patna as a kid. Those were the days.


  9. Meenakshi says:

    Hey…. nice article…. On another note, do you know why Asal Tamil Penn stopped writing? And will she start writing again?


  10. NIRMAL says:

    well blend.

    Your style and ideas are inspiring.

    looking forward to nextin the ” 3 word” series.


  11. Nice post. Probably every kid in earlier days would remember the days of power cuts and the numerous adventures it bought.


  12. Reema says:

    hope thats fiction! shocked at irresponsible behaviour of the older girl..leaving a girl in darkness alone on the pretext of taking her for a walk. Didnt the mother suspect anything?


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