poems on the underground and well deserved breaks

The London Underground is drastically different from almost any other kind of public transport I am used to. Of course, this has vastly to do with the fact that I have so far just used public transport in India. Sources tell me that the Delhi Metro could put the London Underground to shame! 🙂

There are some things however that don’t change. Cheesy advertisements for hair strengthening, weight loss, cheap mortgage (yeah, right!). However, there’s also poetry. From the Poems on the Underground collection that has interesting poems inside the tube –

Some almost make you smile and stuff a giggle in the mouth.

Today we start a three week break. Long in the making. Well deserved. This blog shall be alive over that period, but not with it’s usual “update factor”. Next post from India…

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0 Responses to poems on the underground and well deserved breaks

  1. km says:

    bon voyage and all that…and don’t raise too much hell in that blog meet 🙂


  2. Patrix says:

    Good luck in India. Have a safe flight.


  3. First Rain says:

    Have a super holiday! :o)