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Poem: A swirl of one’s own

In the ten days since you arrived, We’ve heard you are like us. Her father’s chin, her mother’s ears. When she’s angry, she fits right in, On the maternal side. Forgotten uncles now show their shadows. In your absurdly tiny … Continue reading

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I ate a paan in Benaras

It’s taken me a few months to digest everything that I saw and took in Varanasi. It’s an absurd metropolis of memory, silt, silk and myth. It made me wish I had been there sooner, and I had gone with … Continue reading

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Brave new world of make-up

Pots of rouge, little boxes of eyeshadows, gleaming rich colours in lipstick tubes, the creamy sets of foundation and the brushes, always the brushes! It’s a world with forbiddingly high walls if you don’t know what you’re doing. I had … Continue reading

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Poem: Time that flies

In the utterly quiet are heard tiny wings. Food uncovered, or flowers. Hearts and stomachs They spasm. Tight. Bees make honey, Flies make disease. This is love. Some sweetness, some lack of ease.

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Fiction Fragment games?

3 words anyone? A few stories perhaps… if nothing else. PS – This is how it works. You give me three words that pop into your head – and I try and weave them into a very short story. 🙂

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Ek cup chai

I drown my sleepiness in half-glassful of tea.

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Test match

“The secret to watching test matches is to know when to when to have a nap.”- great-uncle who passed away but has left me the legacy of love for a test match.

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The bird

Nearly stole my lunch

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Did anyone notice?

That this blog has a new look? I got sick of the previous look and decided to blame my lack of creativity on the blog design … rather than my laziness. 🙂

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Personal Ads

What a wonderful way to kill time. Found this lovely blog called Advertising for Love via Marginal Revolution. Incredible stuff. Yes, why indeed do people send out missives to others when the chance of being read is so low?

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In Istanbul

This city must be a cartographer’s delight. Istanbul is unlike any other city I’ve been to. Though it appears to have snatched tiny bits of other cities’ souls. In Istanbul, I’ve become the tourist that I usually love to make … Continue reading

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Music and beauty on the Underground

Everything is sudden. Like how in unexpected corners one finds music. A few nights back, a gig in the tube. I am told by a rather weird but obviously wise man sitting next to me that such things always happen … Continue reading

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