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ACK Comics

If you haven’t yet, you need to read this wonderful series by ACK Comics on the Mahabharata and other allied epics. There, that’s my good deed for the day. I will now go and morally corrupt the world. Advertisements

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Simon’s Cat

I never realised how much of a cat person I could be till a few years back. Sure, I’ve always liked all animals, but increasingly I am sold to the idea of being owned by a cat. In that vein, … Continue reading

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Gold Hammer Pants Flash Mob! Yeah!

If this ever happens in London, I want to be there. Leading the charge of the flash mob! In gold hammer pants. I am happy. I haven’t heard this song in ages. And the general composition of the group. That … Continue reading

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Hotel Kerala-Fonia

I can’t tell you how happy I am. I just found Hotel Kerala-Fonia thanks to Praveen. As some of you know I can get quite enamoured by the fabulous Mallu accent singing parodies of all kinds. Am so thrilled. So … Continue reading

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I never thought I’d say this, but watching this video makes me wish I go to the dentist right now!

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Dating A Banker? Anonymous?

This is just fantastic. or Dating A Banker Anonymous Girls. More at the NY Times. Given the recession, gloomy financial forecasts, tight purse strings, disappearing purses, pink slips, dirty linen and all of that – this is pop-ethnography at … Continue reading

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Ministry of Silly Walks

You know that middle of the week lethargy and angst. It’s gone! Because Monty Python have their very own channel on YouTube! (Yes! Yes!!) On that wonderful and celebratory note, please take a look at this. One of my favourite … Continue reading

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